The Menu

What’s your FLAVORite?

At The Scottish Highland Creamery, we are always creating new products and flavors! Whether you’d like a hand-dipped triple scoop or a classic chocolate/vanilla soft serve twist, we’ve got you covered! We are proud to offer our ice cream hand-dipped, soft serve (at The Window only), in pints and quarts to-go, and in custom made ice cream cakes.

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In a cup, on a cone, through a straw, or in a sundae with all the fixin’s—we’ve got it all!

At our Oxford Mews location, 103 S. Morris Street, we serve 20 flavors of hand-crafted hard ice cream at a time. From the classics like Vanilla Bean and Double Belgian Chocolate to more adventurous flavors like Boston Crème Pie or Old Bay with Potato Chips and Caramel, we have something for every taste!

Flavors are subject to change daily (and sometimes hourly!), but we always have two dairy free flavors, a low sugar option, and lots of gluten free and nut free options! Flavors are also subject to change based on holidays and seasonality. Easter right around the corner? We may offer Peeps ice cream. Thanksgiving coming soon? Try some Pumpkin Pie or Spiced Apple Cider Sorbet! We’ve made over 700 flavors and the possibilities are endless!


Available at The Window at 314 Tilghman Street

At our original location we call “the Window” at 314 Tilghman Street, we now serve our homemade premium soft serve ice cream! Made using the same high-quality ingredients as our hard ice cream, we offer four flavors each day.

We always have our classic Vanilla Bean and Double Belgian Chocolate, and each week we rotate two new flavors! From Sweet Lemon and Orange Creamsicle to Coffee Espresso and Salted Caramel, we are continuously adapting our hard ice cream flavors into new soft serve flavors for a new way to enjoy our ice cream!

Have a new flavor idea? Drop us a line!