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‘Ice Cream for Breakfast Day’ a hit at Scottish Highland Creamery

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From the Star Democrat:

OXFORD — On Tuesday morning, dozens of families in pajamas and slippers lined up outside of Scottish Highland Creamery for a chance to experience “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.”

This much anticipated event allows children and adults alike to break with the traditional breakfast of eggs and toast and instead treat themselves and their families to sweet treats.

Christine Leggett, a manager at Scottish Highland Creamery, said this event has been going on for about 10 years. Leggett said the creamery is in a unique position to have events like this because they are able to create all their flavors of ice creams. “We can be so creative,” Leggett said. “And the fact that we can make this event happen by having all of these unique breakfast-themed flavors sets our business apart.”

Prior to its start, countless customers would ask if the creamery ever made breakfast-themed flavors. At first, the creamery would try to design breakfast-adjacent flavors, but after a while it decided to really commit to the theme.

It was through this commitment that the “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day” event was created. Now, customers eagerly await the event all year to see the new flavors and potentially win a prize for best “just woke up” look.

Workers at Scottish Highland Creamery scooped up “breakfast themed” flavors such as fruity pebbles, blueberry muffin, coffee donut and strawberry pop tart to eager customers of all ages Tuesday morning.

Michele Etherton, accompanied by her daughter and two young grandchildren, Axel and Sofia Etherton, said she looks forward to this day all year.

“It’s our favorite day of the year,” Michele Etherton said. “And we get a sticker that says ‘Ice Cream for Breakfast,’ and we get bragging rights at school.”

Axel and Sofia say their favorite flavors are chocolate and kool-aid ice creams. Their mother, Fillippa Etherton, said she enjoys the time to do something a little different during the summer.

Leggett said she would bring her children to this event when they were young, and it would be the highlight of their summer. She hopes to do the same for other families.

“So many people come in and they think back to their summers as a kid, and this is one of those events that they remember,” Leggett said. “And it’s a huge privilege for us to be able to be a part of that.”

2024 Talbot County Community Impact Award Winner: Oxford Mews Project

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We are honored to have been recipients of the 2024 Talbot County Community Impact award for our restoration of the Oxford Mews building! “The Mews” has been the primary location of the creamery for just over a year! We thank our amazing staff, the Oxford Commissioners, Cheryl Lewis and the team at the Talbot County Department of Economic Development and Tourism (Cassandra Vanhooser, Debbie Walsworth and Judy Bixler) and most importantly our wonderful customers for helping us accomplish such a large project! We hope to call the Mews home for many years to come!

2024 Calendar of Events

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We have so much to look forward to in 2024!
Here are some important dates to add to your calendar:


March 15: Opening day at the Mews (103 S. Morris Street)!
March 29-31: Easter weekend! Peeps, Carrot Cake, and Robin’s Egg ice cream!
April 27: Oxford Day — serving our special Oxford flavor, Spring Fling!
May the Fourth: serving Star Wars flavors “The Light Side” and “The Dark Side”
Cinco de Mayo: Mango Tajin, Spicy Mexican Chocolate, Fresh Avocado, Piña Colada, and Lime Sorbet!
May 12: Mother’s Day! Lavender & Honey, White Chocolate Raspberry Ripple, Lemon Bar, and more! Free sprinkles for all moms!
Memorial Day Weekend: extended summer hours begin (Thursday-Tuesday 12-9pm)! Celebrate with the first debut of our red, white, and blue flavor, “4th of July”! Soft Serve window at 314 Tilghman Street opens!
June 16: Father’s Day! Special flavors to come, and free sprinkles for all dads!
3rd of July: Oxford Fireworks, “4th of July” served all week
July 16: Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, open at 9:00am!
September 2: Labor Day, “4th of July” makes it’s final appearance for the year, soft serve window closes for the winter.

Stay tuned for more events coming soon!

Creamery Truck and Ice Cream Cart

St. Michaels Farmers Market

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April 13 is the first day of the season for the St Michaels Farmers Market! And we are there selling quarts, individually packed cups, ice cream sandwiches and some new SHC totes you can use to carry all your market treasures 🙂 Stop by and pick up dessert for the weekend!

Welcome Oxford Kids Camp

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We were thrilled this week to be able to spend some time with Oxford Kids Camp attendees!

Campers learned about the production of our delicious ice cream from the Master himself, Vic Barlow.  After some of hands-on practice, the Oxford Kids Camp crew got to taste the fruits of their labors! Surely a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved, and a blast for us to host.

Hope to see you around town again soon, campers!

For more information about Oxford Kids Camp,  visit their website.

Oxford Day Fun

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We had such a wonderful time celebrating our little town this past weekend. The weather was perfect for ice cream treats, and our fabulous patrons did not disappoint! Folks were lined up at our cart in the Causeway Park, and at our window throughout the day to sample some of the delicious flavors we had available.

In honor of the Royal Wedding Cake flavors, Kendall, Kirsten, and Riley were scooping up a special batch of Elderflower and Lemon Cake ice cream, which was absolutely amazing!

Vic made his customary appearance in the Oxford Day parade, along with some special helpers this year, tossing candy along the route to smiling faces lined up along the street.

As always, it was such a pleasure to join in all the festivities and bask in the glorious glow of our community here in Oxford, while taking in some much needed springtime sunshine.

We’ve got some photos here that we thought you might enjoy. I think it’s clear how much fun was had by all. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Our new menu board! Scottish Highland Creamery

New & Improved

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If you were able to stop by our Oxford location recently, you may have noticed a big change. We’ve recently updated our signage, and we think it looks pretty snazzy!

You’ll now find one large blackboard, with sizes, options, merchandise, and flavors, all priced and organized in an easy-to-read, fun format. The scoops on the right are updated with our current flavor selections throughout the day, and you can easily sort through our toppings, options, and other fun offerings as well.

We are super excited about it, and it looks like our Facebook friends are as well! If you have any feedback, drop us a line, or comment on the post. We’d love to hear from you.

See you soon!


Merch Scottish Highland Creamery

New Merch!

By News

Lots of exciting, new things happening at Scottish Highland Creamery this season!

First, we know you’ll love this year’s awesome new t-shirts! Available in both mint green and blue, they feature the Maryland and Scottish flags as a giant ice cream cone. Get yours today, and when you wear it back to the window, you’ll get FREE SPRINKLES! Totally worth it! Available now, for $15.00 each.

Next up: Give the gift of good taste. We are now offering Gift Cards! We know a lot of you have been waiting for this one. Available in any dollar amount, and with no expiration, these cards can be purchased at the window, and make the perfect gift for friends, family, teachers and co-workers… I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream?!

You may have also heard that we are stepping our technology up a notch as well, and we are now able to accept credit cards at our window. See you soon!