Ice Cream is Victor Barlow's passion.

Victor grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland and lived above an Italian ice cream parlor, Mr. Boni's, that dated back to 1907. He began working there at age 15 and later became the shop's manager, the only person outside of the family bloodline to learn the secret family ice cream recipes. Victor and his wife, Susan, take great pride in making the freshest ice cream using local ingredients, fresh milk, cream and flavorings imported from Italy.

Homemade Premium Icecream Since 1907

With over 600 flavors in rotation to choose from there's one that's sure to be your FLAVORITE!
We offer packaged pints and quarts or served by the scoop in cups, cones or even as an unforgettable milkshake. Some of our most popular flavors include:
Mexican Vanilla
Double Belgian Chocolate
Birthday Cake
Egg Nog
Pumpkin Pie
Dulce De Leche
Fresh Crushed Strawberry
Lemon Sorbet (Ask about our lactose-free sorbets!)
 We also offer sugar-free and gluten-free ice cream in dozens of flavors.

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